Strolling through Covent Garden

I spent my first weekend in London sick in bed (gotta love airplanes). When the 2nd weekend rolled around, I made sure that I went out to explore a little. On Sunday, Tyler and I spent the afternoon strolling through Covent Garden. If you can get past the swarm of tourists watching street performers, you’ll find so many gems! This time of year the storefronts are covered in flowers and the streets are draped in wisteria vines. It was so cute! My iPhone photos don’t do it justice.

We stopped at the most adorable (and very instagramable) ice cream shop called Milk Train. They have soft serve ice cream in waffle cones, surrounded by a cloud of cotton candy. Sounds excessive? It was, but I loved it.

We also spotted a piece by the British street artist Bambi featuring Princess Diana as Mary Poppins.



What I Wore:

Scalloped Block Heel: Sam Edleman

If you’re lucky enough to find your size, these Lucky heels are super similar and are 40% off at Nordstrom right now.




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