LipSense All Day Review

Video Notes:

*CORRECTION* The color I’m wearing is “Currant” (not black currant like I said in the video).

The before and after colors might look slightly different. That’s just due to the natural light in the morning vs. the lighting in my apartment in the evening. Wish I could get that natural light glow all day!

Hey Beautiful!

If you watched the video then you know I’ll be chatting about LipSense (Note: This product was gifted without the expectation of a review). LipSense is a SeneGence product and is known for its long-lasting lip color. There are so many awesome things to learn about this product! I put it to the test by wearing it all day. Check out my before and after photos (about 10 hours apart) to see if my LipSense lasted:

I have never owned a lip stain that held up so well. Here are a few things I love about rocking LipSense:

  1. It doesn’t leave lipstick marks on your coffee cup, water bottle, or pop can!
  2. It’s smudge proof! Doesn’t smear or bleed into fine lines.
  3. It doesn’t peel off throughout the day like many lip stains.
  4. It’s kiss proof (I’m sure there are a lot of significant others out there that will appreciate that)!
  5. It lasts! No need to constantly reapply!

As I mentioned in the video, I didn’t do the best job at apply my LipSense. Here are some tips for a clean, even, and long-lasting look:

  1. Thoroughly clean your lips and let them dry completely before applying.
  2. Shake the product before applying each layer.
  3. Wipe off excess product from the applicator.
  4. Apply each layer in one direction.
  5. Let each layer dry before applying the next coat.
  6. Apply 3 layers.
  7. Re-gloss throughout the day to make your color last longer.

A few quick notes about the product:

  • I used the “Moisturizing Gloss” over my LipSense in the video, but they also offer a matte topcoat.
  • LipSense might burn a little the first few times you use a new tube due to the cosmetic trade alcohol in the product. If you typically use other products that have wax in them, it can cause your lips to be damaged or dry, which is why you might feel a slight tingle when you start using LipSense. The feeling goes away once you apply the gloss.
  • There are 50+ shades, which can be combined together (by layering different colors) to create hundreds of new shades!
  • You can remove the product at the end of the day with the LipSense “Ooops! Remover.” It can also be used to erase any mistakes you make during the application process.

So how do you get some LipSense of your own?!? The AMAZING Haley Gee is a SeneGence distributor and can hook you up with all your lipwear needs! She also sells a ton of other awesome beauty and skincare products if you’re in the market! You can message her on Instagram .



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