Lighthearted TV Shows to Binge Right Now (and where to find them)

Stressed out? Need a good laugh? Or maybe you just want a show that’s easy to follow while you scroll through your phone. I gotchu.

1. “Boy Meets World”

For the past several weeks, Tyler and I watch at least one episode before bed. It’s funny, heartwarming, reminds us of our childhood, and puts us in a good mood before hitting the hay.

Available with a Disney+ subscription, or you can purchase episodes on iTunes or Amazon Prime Video.

2. “Queer Eye”

If you haven’t already binged all four seasons, plus the “Queer Eye, We’re in Japan” edition, then you’re doing everything wrong. BUT on the bright side, now you can joyously binge your heart out while you are social distancing or self-quarantining! This series GIVES ME LIFE, HONEY (channeling Jonathan Van Ness)! The cast is so caring, relatable, and so so funny. It seems like every contestant that comes on the show has a truly transformative experience (physically and emotionally), and it is extremely touching to watch.

Available with your Netflix subscription.

3. “Friends”

No matter how many times you watched, you can always fit in another episode of “Friends!” Growing up, I probably watched every episode out of order. Last year, I finally binged from start to finish! Now that I’m in my late 20s, I think I find it even funnier and more relatable.

Available with fuboTV or Philo subscriptions. You can also purchase seasons on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. It is scheduled to be available in May on HBO Max.

4. “The Bold Type”

Ever dream of working for a women’s magazine like Cosmo or Vogue? This series follows the lives of 3 friends in NYC living the dream! These young women are go-getters and give me some motivation to GET TO WERK. Plus their lives are entertaining and filled with ALL the DRAMA. The series is on its fourth season. The first three seasons had ten (one hour) episodes each, but the fourth season is scheduled to have 18!!!

Airs on Freeform, but you can stream for free with a Hulu subscription. If you’re in the UK, I was able to stream the first three season for free with my UK Amazon Prime membership.

5. “Gilmore Girls”

I never watched “Gilmore Girls” (GG) when it originally aired (big miss on my part). I was looking for an easy-to-watch show with lots of episodes to binge, and saw that GG became available on Netflix. I am only on season 3 of 7, but it has fulfilled all of my binging needs so far. I love the banter between the witty mother/daughter duo, and their quirky little town! You’ll become very invested in their family as you get sucked into the Gilmore universe. THEN once you finish season 7, you can watch “Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life,” a 4 episode limited series release nearly 10 years after season 7 aired.

Available with Netflix subscription.

6. “New Girl”

Tyler and I watched this as it aired, and have since rewatched every season. These characters just get better with age! The writing in this show is phenomenal…I dare you to make your way through an episode without laughing. Each character is incredibly unique in their aspirations and personality, which makes for a fun time as they live in close quarters in a LA loft.

Available with Netflix subscription.

7. “The Good Place”

They recently aired the season finale and I am so sad it’s over! The Good Place also has a hodgepodge of characters that come together under a unique circumstance. For the most part, this series keeps it light while dealing with a pretty heavy topic (the afterlife). I enjoyed this show, not only for the clever writing, but because it also had me examining how I make decisions in my day-to-day life.

Seasons 1-3 are available with Netflix subscription. Season 4 will likely not be available on Netflix in the US until September 2020 (boooo).

8. “Scrubs”

I binged all 8 seasons of “Scrubs” (plus the bonus season 9) recently with my husband, and I loved it! This was his 3rd or 4th time watching some of the episodes (a ringing endorsement). Sometimes he would start laughing preemptively because he knew what was coming next. As an added incentive to start watching “Scrubs” now, two of the stars (Zach Braff and Donald Faison) are currently doing a recap podcast called “Fake Doctors, Real Friends” reviewing every episode. They have tons of great guests on the pod from the cast and crew!

Available for streaming on Hulu or purchase episodes or seasons on Amazon and iTunes.

9. “Blackish”

A sitcom for the whole family! “Black-ish” keeps things funny while also fitting in lots of topical subjects surrounding culture and current events. It follows an upper middle class black family living in Sherman Oaks, California. The show is primarily narrated by the father who grapples with the level of cultural assimilation that came with the success of him and his wife, and tries to ensure that his family has a sense of ethnic identity.

Available to stream on ABC or with a Hulu subscription. You can also purchase episodes via iTunes and Google Play.

10. “That 70s Show”

Another one that I did not watch when it originally aired, but I’m glad I have it to binge now. I am only on season 2 of 8, but I highly recommend this sitcom because it doesn’t take things too seriously. This list has a lot of coming of age stories, and this show is no different. It follows the lives of high school friends in the 70s and always has me wondering what my mom and her siblings were like at that age…. then I watch the show and think, maybe I don’t want to know.

Available to stream on Netflix.

11. “Sex and the City”

I always loved watching “Sex and the City” reruns on TV, but never watched it chronologically until my senior year of college. Tyler and I binged all 6 seasons. He’ll say that I “made him” watch…but I think he secretly liked it. I mean, my dad thinks it’s hilarious (sorry for outing you dad). He even took my sister and I to see the first “Sex and the City” movie in theaters. I know, a weird father-daughter date. It’s a great show for those that dream about living in a big city and for those that are living that dream.

Available to stream with Hulu, HBO Now, and Amazon subscriptions.

12. “Sex Education”

Surprise! Another coming of age series! But this one is British, which makes it special…right? “Sex Education” really showcases the awkwardness of high school years. The premise: The (inexperienced) son of a licensed sex therapist starts exchanging sex advice for money at school.

Available to stream on Netflix.

13. “Friends from College”

This one is a quick binge – only 2 seasons. It has an incredible cast that will have you reminiscing about time spent with your college buds! There are lots of funny moments, sprinkled with some real life shit. Hopefully it will inspire you to hop on a FaceTime with your pals during quarantine!

Available to stream on Netflix.

14. “Catastrophe”

This British series starts with a unique beginning and then dives into the chaos of everyday life. It’s written by and starring Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, who are incredibly funny. This is another series that we were very sad to see end. Tyler and I loved spotting familiar places around London as we watched!

Available to stream with Amazon Prime subscription.

15. “Workin Moms”

Even as someone who does not have any children, I found this series extremely humorous. It follows women that meet at a mommy group. In a world where there’s a lot of judgement (in person and online) about how people raise their children, this show is a refreshing reminder that it’s messy, chaotic, funny, and that there are many ways to do it!

Available to stream on Netflix.

16. “Jane the Virgin”

I never thought I would get sucked into this show. But I did. It’s unrealistic and overly-romantic, but that’s the point. It’s intended to resemble a modern telenovela – the leading lady’s favorite genre. I’m a sucker for mystery and suspense, and this series is full of cliff hangers that kept me coming back.

Available to stream on Netflix.

17. “Master of None”

This series stars Aziz Ansari and is loosely based on his real life experiences. It won 3 Emmy’s and a Golden Globe. It follows the personal and professional life of a struggling actor, humorously highlighting successes and failures. To top it all of – it also features Aziz’s real life mother and father who crack me up!

Available to stream on Netflix.

18. “The Office”

I still haven’t finished this series, but it takes a mockumentary-style look at the mundane day-to-day at a Pennsylvania paper company. The show features a crew of unique (and some outrageous) characters that keep the show lively and entertaining. It is an US adaptation of a British series, so if you finish the US version, you can binge the less successful UK seasons.

Available for streaming on Netlix in the US and Amazon in the UK.

19. “Parks and Recreation”

This is the first show that Tyler and I ever binged together (awww). Slightly similar to the office, it takes place in a small town and creates comedy out of what you would expect to be the snooze-worthy, bureaucratic life of small town government. The ensemble comedy follows Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) who has big aspirations for herself and her department.

Available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

20. “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”

There’s no better time to organize your home than during self-quarantine! And Marie Kondo is the QUEEN of organization. This series is full of educational tips for sorting your home! The transformation of the spaces in these episodes is incredible to watch. But what I find most mesmerizing about this series is Marie. She is so sweet and has an amazing lightness about her. Follow her on Instagram for even more tips on organization and “sparking joy” in your home.

Available for streaming on Netflix.

21. “Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner // Ugly Delicious”

“Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner” (BLD) and “Ugly Delicious” are both produced by chef, David Chang. The first season of BLD was only 4 episodes. In each episode, Chang traveled to a different city and had 3 meals with a celebrity. “Ugly Delicious” is centered around food, but discusses a number of other topics – culture, travel, family, and history. The 2nd season has some particularly feel-good moments, as it surrounds the birth of Chang’s son.

Available for streaming on Netflix.

22. “Modern Family”

Another light-hearted sitcom for the whole family! This series reveals some of the funny truths about family dynamics. It’s such an easy to follow show that you can turn on while you clean the house or cook dinner.

Available for streaming with a Hulu subscription, or for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play in the US. In the UK, it is available for streaming on Amazon.

23. “The Big Bang Theory”

Yet another series that I had only seen a few reruns of (usually on an airplane) before I binged it from start to finish last year. I became invested in the social evolution of these book smart friends, and got had lots of laughs throughout the many episodes.

Available with a fuboTV subscription or for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. In the UK, it’s available for streaming on Netflix.

24. “Next in Fashion”

A “Project Runway”-esque series hosted by Tan France and Alexa Chung. The first season was released this year on Netflix. I watched the whole thing in 3 days. I loved seeing the runway shows, and of course, getting styling tips from Tan and Alexa!

Available for streaming on Netflix.

25. “Grace and Frankie”

Unlikely friends often make for an interesting storyline. Grace and Frankie are 2 seniors, who learn that their husbands are having an affair. The comedy follows the women and their families as they adjust to life after divorce.

Available for streaming on Netflix.

Happy binging!



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