Graduation Gift Guide

Send a little love!

It’s that time of year! But it feels a little different this time around. So many high school and college graduates are missing the exciting final months of school. They don’t get to finish their extracurricular activities, they can’t study for finals with friends, they won’t walk across campus and feel the palpable anticipation in the air, no senior night out, no walk across the stage, no goodbye hugs, and no graduation parties. They accomplished so much and deserve to be recognized! Just because you may not be getting as many grad party invites this May and June, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send a little love to the grads in your life. Grad gifts are probably the one time where it’s definitely acceptable to send a card with a check, cash, or a gift card. This allows your grad to buy things for their next stage of life (essentials for dorm life, books, business attire, apartment furniture, a grad trip, etc.). However, if you’re opting for something a bit more personal, I have you covered! Here are some of my picks for every price range:

Grad Gifts Under $25

Alternative suggestion(s): Gift them your favorite book OR a book about making the most out of your 20s/college experience. Commemorate their home town (high school grad) or college town (college grad) with a framed print of a city map.

Grad Gifts Under $50

Alternative suggestion(s): Grab them some gear from their university! I still rock my Santa Clara University crewneck sweatshirts and long sleeve t-shirts from the student store. Hats and water bottles make good gifts too!

Grad Gifts Under $100

Alternative Suggestion(s): If you’re shopping for a college grad, think about gifting a meal prep subscription or gift card from companies like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. It will reduce their grocery budget, give them new meal ideas, and help them learn how to cook! For a high school grad, you could go with a birch box or rent the runway subscription or gift card.

Grad Gifts $100+

Alternative Suggestion(s): Gift them something experiential like a food tour, wine tasting, concert tickets, a spa day, cooking lessons, a trip, skydiving lessons, etc. OR an year-long Amazon Prime Subscription that they can use to order textbooks (high school grads) or home goods for their new apartment (college grads). If your grad needs a way to get around their college campus, a bike or longboard make great gifts too!

Hope you’re able to bring a little joy to the grads in your life during this time and make them feel special!



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