Friday Five | Simple Amazon Finds I’m Loving

1. Beauty Blenders

The original Beauty Blender is about $20 for one sponge. This feels like a lot for an item you replace every 3 months (or less). I found some great quality makeup sponges on Amazon for a fraction of the price! We’re talking 5 for $9! I use these everyday to apply my foundation and concealer. AND they have over 17,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.6 out of 5 star rating!!!

2. Acrylic Sunglass Holder

I never know where to store my sunglasses. I end up with sunglass cases scattered throughout my house. Some in my bathroom drawers, one on my nightstand, one in the kitchen, and some in the closet. No wonder I can never find the ones I’m looking for! I finally decided to that I needed a central location to store my sunnies. I bought an all clear acrylic sunglass holder, which is no longer available. It was from this retailer which has other options. But I found a very similar style here.

3. Phone Tripod

I originally bought this affordable phone tripod because I thought it would be helpful for sharing try-on sessions, recording tutorials, and Tiktok videos. But I’ve actually used it more for another purpose…Facetiming! If you’ve been on loads of FaceTime/Zoom happy hours or chats with your family like me, it can get annoying holding out your phone in front of your face the whole time. Call me lazy, but I love just popping my phone into the adjustable tripod while I catch up with friends! The exact version (linked here) that I purchased seems to be unavailable right now. I bought it because it extends 64 inches. This one is not quite as long, but has excellent reviews.

4. Dish gloves

I saw Dani Austin share a similar pair of dish gloves on Instagram, and I thought they were great! I hate washing dishes by hand, but these gloves make it super easy because both sides are covered in a brush to scrub your dishes! Plus they come in fun colors!

5. Touchless Soap Dispenser

When Covid-19 broke out in the UK, Tyler and I were visiting family in the US. We decided to cancel our flight back and stayed for several months with his stepmom. She had a motion detector soap dispenser by her kitchen sink, which I found very helpful while cooking and during the pandemic. The last thing you want to do when your hands are covered in raw meat or germs is rub your dirty hands all over the soap pump. When we got back to London, we ordered this affordable option (only on Amazon UK). If you’re in the US, this one from the US Amazon site has nearly 6,000 reviews and over 4 stars.

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