Friday Five | Prints Hanging in Our Home

As we all spend more time at home, it’s normal to have the urge to spruce up your space. Small changes can make your home feel cozy and inviting. Tyler and I collected a few prints over the years that are hanging in our little London flat. Many of these pieces represent unique times in our lives, and I’m sure we’ll always find a special place to hang them in the years to come!

1. State Prints

My parents gifted Tyler several prints to hang in his new apartment when he graduated from college. They all represented the 5 states he once lived in. These prints are so playful and fun! They would make great dorm room decor too. The shape of each state is made up of small images that represent the state. For example, California has the Hollywood sign, wine glasses (in honor of Napa Valley), and the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. You can purchase them in different colors and styles and they are only $15!

2. Wooden State Wall Hanging

Another graduation gift! Tyler’s mom gave me this Washington State wall hanging 6 years ago when I graduated. I can’t find the exact retailer, but I linked some similar options at the end of this post. The wood definitely gives a cozy vibe. You could even re-create this piece yourself as a DIY project too!

3. Be Still Sign

This is a simple little print that I bought to tie in some other rose gold accents in our living room. The “be still” message is such a great reminder to pause, be present, and take in the moment.

4. Minted Map

If you couldn’t tell, we really like to commemorate places that are special to us. Tyler gifted me a map for our anniversary that features the location of our first home (pink print in the image above). You can even purchase the frame with the print so you don’t have to buy one separately. I love that these prints come in tons of different colors (including gold foil), which makes it easy to find one that fits perfectly in your home.

5. Mapiful Print

Mapiful offers a number of different style prints to hang in your home! These designs help commemorate a time or a place that is special to you. The star prints display the alignment of the stars at a particular time and place (say, the time and location of your wedding or the night you first met). Or you can opt for a map of a particular city using specific coordinates (maybe from your first home together). I chose the latter option to commemorate our time living in London. Right now, they are offering a promotion in which you get your 2nd print for 50% off! (Mapiful print was previously gifted).

Whether you’re nesting in a new home or trying to mix up your current living space, adding some new art to your room is definitely an easy way to bring a blank wall to life!


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