Wednesday Wish List || Stocking Stuffers for Her


Waking up to beautifully stuffed stockings hanging from the fireplace is always a magical moment. But it can be tough to think of new/original items to place in stockings year after year! If you’re responsible for stuffing stockings for the ladies in your life, I’ve curated a selection of great options for you!

For the fashionista, consider snagging some simple gold jewelry like this monogram necklace or these chain link earrings. This card case and beanie are splurge items, but they’ll be getting tons of use out of them! I have both and love them! Keep your loved ones warm with a cute scarf, some light weight gloves, or fuzzy socks. Consider gifting them this gold keychain that is perfect for the pandemic – it can be used to press elevator buttons and open doors so you don’t have to touch them with your hands.

If you’re searching for gifts for a working gal – try some blue light glasses to protect their eyes while sitting in front of the computer all day! These are also perfect for the student(s) in your life. This pop socket will help her keep ahold of her phone as she sends work e-mails or FaceTimes with friends. Whether she travels for work or just loves to travel, this stylish passport holder will be perfect once Covid-19 is no longer an issue. And if she’s anything like me, she LOVES her coffee. This mug comes in several colors and keeps your beverages piping hot!

For the beauty addict, try this lipstick – color ‘403’ is the perfect shade of red. Grab these affordable beauty blenders so she can apply her makeup or these reusable makeup eraser cloths (a great sustainable option) to remove her makeup. If the 10-day cloth set is sold out – try this 7-day set or the original makeup eraser cloth! Gift your gals a little at-home spa treatment with these award-winning under eye masks and this rose quartz roller that can be used to apply serums and moisturizers. If she’s worried about “maskne,” put one of these silk face masks in her stocking. Silk is less irritating to the skin and is more breathable than other fabrics. Lastly, save her gorgeous locks with some silk hair ties, which won’t crease her hair or cause as much breakage as standard hair ties. These come inside a little ornament, so you can hang it on your tree!

Don’t forget a little chocolate for the girl with a sweet tooth!

I hope you enjoy surprising the women in your life with some extra special goodies this year!

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  1. I certainly would appreciate all the helpful hints I can get. Getting my family to make any suggestions whatsoever leads to arguments. I always provide a big list (different price points) why can’t they?
    I especially like number 11.

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