Friday Five || 5 Cozy Winter Accessories Under $25

Searching for winter accessories to complement your winter wardrobe? I’ve compiled a selection of 5 cozy winter essentials under $25!

1. Beanies under $25

Look cute while keeping your ears warm! Beanies are a winter staple in cities like London and Seattle. I rarely leave my house without one this time of year! Beanies also make a perfect stocking stuffer for the women or men in your life!

It’s not under $25, but I’ve been loving this Ganni Beanie this Fall and Winter!

2. Scarves under $25

Another functional and stylish accessory! I love bundling up with a big, fuzzy, blanket scarf! This year, I’ve been loving chunky knit scarves with thick fringe.

3. Slippers under $25

Ever since lockdown started, I’ve been wearing slippers throughout the house all day. Just looking at them makes me feel all warm and cozy! Buy a pair for yourself and gift a pair to a girlfriend or sister!

4. Comfy Socks under $25

My feet are ALWAYS freezing! Does anyone else have this problem? I love ultra soft, fuzzy socks or super warm wool socks to layer under boots this time of year. They’re also great for just lounging around the house!

5. Gloves and Mittens under $25

Now that the temperature has dropped to the 30s, I’m starting to realize that I need to carry around a pair of gloves. These are a necessity if you’re exercising outdoors or doing outdoor Christmas activities! I’m partial to a pair that allows you to still use your smartphone while wearing them.

There you have it! Tons of great winter essentials under $25!

Do you have a favorite winter accessory?

If you’re looking for other winter staples, check out these amazing coats to choose from!

Keep warm and stay safe!

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