Easy At Home Photoshoot Ideas

Covid-19 has definitely changed the types of photos I create and share on Instagram. I’m not able to share spontaneous photos as Tyler and I travel and explore our home in London. As a result, I’ve started sprinkling in some creative photoshoots that I’m able to do at home. Use these simple props to recreate easy at home photoshoot ideas!


Flowers are such a simple prop! You can throw them in your hair, hold a bouquet, use a single stem flower to cover your eye, or place them in a vase and pose beside them!


Use painter’s tape to hang old magazine or newspaper pages all over the wall and use it as a fun backdrop. You can even shoot photos throwing the pages in the air to capture movement.


Use long matches to shoot some edgy photos! If you’re skeptical about actually lighting the match, you can edit in the flame using PicsArt app.


If you take self-timer photos like me, hold an empty photo frame in front of your face towards the camera. If you have a photographer (or insta hubby), have them hold the frame in front of the camera while you pose!

Vinyl Records

Spread vinyl records on the floor and pose next to them. Or you could pose next to your record player or a bookshelf full of records, while holding your favorite album. This is a simple photoshoot that you can duplicate with books too!

Tag me on instagram (@raisedrogue) if you recreate these photoshoot ideas! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Easy At Home Photoshoot Ideas

  1. I loved the magazine pictures on the wall shot. It screams “editor” to me. I am sorry that I cannot recreate these shots with myself as I am not that photogenic.

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