Mother’s Day Gifts 2021

Mother’s Day 2021 in the US is May 9th (nearly 2 weeks away)! I’m here to help with some ways to brainstorm Mother’s Day gifts for the women in your life.

When picking out a gift, ask yourself questions like these:

What are their hobbies/interests? Fashion? Fitness? Music? Hiking? Cooking? Travel? Sports? Wine? Board games? Knitting? Gift something aligned with their favorite activities!

Are they practical? Purchase something utilitarian like a tool to make their life easier (electronics are a great option), a kitchen appliance, or a helpful subscription.

Are they sentimental? Create or purchase a custom keepsake honoring a special memory or a loved one! As an example, for Christmas, I bought my mom and sisters cutting boards that were etched with one of my grandma’s recipes in her handwriting.

Do they like to be pampered? If so, a gift card to a nail salon, for a massage, or for a facial might be the perfect treat! If she wants more quality time, head to the nail salon together and treat her to a mani/pedi.

Do they like experiential gifts? Depending on how Covid-19 is in your region, experiential gifts might not be feasible quite yet. But these would be gifts like: concerts, sporting events, wine tastings, cooking classes, food tours, surprise trips, etc.

If you’re still stumped, I linked lots of options at various price points for the moms in your life (mom, mom-in-law, wife, grandmas, sisters, aunts, and friends):

Gifts Under $30

Gifts Under $50

Gifts Under $100

Gifts Over $100

Enjoy spoiling your mom this Mother’s Day! Hope you find her something truly special!

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