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Last fall, Tyler and I spent hours meticulously plotting out how we would use our vacation days in 2020. In March, we canceled a total of 30 plane tickets for trips we booked for the first half of the year. I was disappointed, but understood that staying home was an important step in decreasing the spread of Covid-19. Four months later, European borders are opening up, and we’re starting to consider travel again. I’m sure so many of you are hoping to make up missed adventures too! Or maybe you’ve booked a little stay-cation close to home. As you prepare for future trips (whenever that might be) I wanted to share some of the travel accessories I don’t leave home without!

1. Airpods

I was late to the airpod game, but now I can’t live without them. So much better than getting your headphone cord caught around the arm of your chair when you stand up to let your neighbor go to the bathroom. Plus, they make it easier to take calls or listen to music/podcasts hands-free while dragging your luggage through the airport or train station.

2. Blanket Pillow

I’ve never been too keen on airplane pillows and blankets. Maybe I’m just a germaphobe, but HOW DO I KNOW THEY’RE CLEAN??? I think about this now more than ever with the outbreak of Covid-19. On our most recent flight from the US to the UK, Tyler and I decided to pack our own pillows and blankets. I love this one from Amazon because it comes in an extra long length for us tall people! It’s super soft and folds nicely into a pillow! You can pack it in your bag or hook the carabiner to your backpack. It comes in 12 colors, and retails for $28. BUT if you buy the 2 pack (these only come in the regular size – not extra long), you’ll get a discount. Pro Tip: Look at the price of all the colors, because some might cheaper than others.

3. Universal Outlet Adapter

Adapters are super important when traveling internationally! Sometimes hotels might have different outlets or extension cord plugs than what you would expect, so it’s great to have multiple adapters or a universal adapter on hand. If you’re traveling to multiple countries with different outlets, a universal adapter is a lifesaver! It’s important to note that these do not convert the voltage (which can change country by country), but they will allow you to charge your smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc. These types of electronics internally adapt the voltage (unlike most hairdryers or flatirons). This adapter is great because it has 4 usb outlets in addition to the universal ground plug. It has over 2,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.8 out of 5 star rating!

4. Packing Cubes

Our lovely friends gifted these to us for our wedding. They are an amazing way to stay organized as you travel. I’m always riffling through my tightly packed suitcase to find things once I get to my destination, but these are game changers! They have helpful, little labels that you can use to identify your packed items (i.e. tops, jeans, dresses, undergarments, electronics, etc.)!

5. Eye Mask

I have a hard time sleeping on a plane to begin with – not to mention when the person next to me has their reading light or tv screen on. An eye mask can help you block out the light and other distractions that prevent you from getting a little shut eye on a long flight. It’s great to have for long car rides too! Plus, you never know what the lighting will be like in your hotel or airbnb. There could be a pesky streetlamp beaming into your room at night. I love my Slip eye mask because it’s silk, which is less likely to damage your delicate skin or cause creases/wrinkles as you sleep. It’s a great idea to replace your cotton pillow cases at home with silk ones (like this one) too because they cause less breakage of your hair, and again, are safer for your skin!

In addition to these items – don’t forget these basics:

  • Hand sanitizer: I recommend using one with vitamin E because it helps prevent your skin from being dried out.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes: To clean all of the plane surfaces around your seat (tray table, tv, arm rests, seatbelt, etc.)
  • Face mask: Many airlines and trains are requiring that you wear a mask for the duration of your trip. Use it to stay safe as you travel and visit museums, shops, and other public spaces too!
  • Travel Kleenex: These are helpful to prevent you from touching your face with your hands directly. You can use them to wipe food, sweat, or smudged makeup from your face. Or for the obvious – sneezy, runny noses.
  • Ziplocks: I always travel with extra ziplocks! You never know when you might need one for your travel liquids (don’t want your hand sanitizer leaking in your purse), to pack a snack as you walk around a new city, or to store your mask in your handbag.

Other travel accessories I’m loving:

Linking a few other travel accessories that are on my wish list!

Stay safe friends!

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