Photoshoot Idea | Idiom Inspired Photos

I’ve been trying to mix things up since we’ve been stuck at home, and create something different than outfit and travel photos (since of course, we’re not traveling). I was inspired by content creator, @madcrayy, to create a series of idiom inspired photos! These are great because you already have a built in caption (the idiom) and you can create some fun images! I took all of these photos using a tripod and my phone as a remote.

What’s an idiom?

It’s a common phrase or expression that differs from the literal meaning of the words. These expressions might be specific to one culture. i.e. She hit it out of the ballpark. This phrase uses a baseball reference to express that someone has done an exceptionally good job. You could say it about a co-worker who had an amazing presentation or to a student who did well on an exam.

1. All over the map!

You could also try “off the map,” or “I put them on the map!” A globe or physical map would be great props for this photo too. I used this awesome print (previously gifted) from Mapiful!

2. Picture this!

For photos with a picture frame you could also use the idiom: “frame of mind.”

3. Big shot!

You could also use this idiom and use a soccer ball, water gun, tennis racket, or hockey gear! OR you can try these idioms: “hit me with your best shot,” “give it another shot,” “I’m feeling shot,” “hot shot,” or “it’s a long shot.”

4. You’re the apple of my eye!

You could also use the idioms, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” “bad apple,” “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” “how about them apples,” or “it’s apples and oranges.” Fall is just around the corner, and apple picking at an orchard would be a great opportunity to capture an apple inspired photo!

5. Go bananas!

Also try the idioms “you’re driving me bananas” or “it’s bananas!”

I hope this get’s your creative juices flowing! If you take an idiom inspired photo for Instagram use the hashtags #idiominspired – I would love to see and share your images!

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